19 December 08:30 - 10:00Sweden Foodtech Center

Foodtech Village Community Meetup: MiXer #1

After seven months of travelling through space, the NASA InSight mission has landed on Mars. The Red Planet seems not to be far away anymore. The question now is: what we will eat there?

Solving for space actually means being extremely efficient with food, water, air, shelter, and energy - the same things we struggle with on Earth. But it's not just space solutions that can make Mars bloom. Hypercomplex, augmented natural environments can turn desolate land into dream gardens. It is a novel and extremely fascinating science coming out of the Sony Computer Science Lab in Tokyo and it's called synecoculture. Could that be used on Mars?

And how did they grow the food in the Mars simulation dome on Hawaii where a bunch of astronauts voluntarily were locked-up to test life on Mars for a prolonged period of time.

We are thrilled to launch our new Foodtech Village Community Meetup series with a unique discussion regarding Food, Earth and Space.

Sweden Foodtech and Axfoundation are more than happy to invite you to meet Dr. Sian Proctor & Masatoshi Funabashi at Söderhallarna - Stockholm on Dec 19th - 8.30 am.

Isn’t it enough for you? Are you a Plants or Space-Food enthusiast?
Join the Master-classes with Masatoshi and Sian after the Meetup. Scroll down for more info and tickets.


A - Space-Food cooking session: the history of space-food on our destination to Mars, pros and cons.

With Dr Sian Proctor and Johan Jörgensen – 11.00-12.30 at Future Food Kitchen (Söderhallarna - 5th floor).

Workshop price: 300 kr.  A few free tickets are reserved for Foodtech Village Community Members.Only 10 tickets.  

B – New strategies of synecoculture: how to produce a good mix of edible plants and build new business models around this methodology.

With Dr Masatoshi Funabashi – 14.00-16.00 at Sweden Foodtech Center (Söderhallarna - 4th floor).

Workshop price: 300 kr.  A few free tickets are reserved for Foodtech Village Community Members. Only 15 tickets. 

Do you want to join both the workshops? Get a Space-Combo ticket for 500 kr.



Sian Proctor

Education outreach officer on the NASA HI-SEAS mission (The Mars simulation dome on Hawaii), TV/Youtube Mars-food star and cookbook author

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Masatoshi Funabashi

Researcher at the Sony Computer Science Laboratory in Tokyo and the founder of synecoculture

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